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He's definitely out of college, my life sucks.

I wouldn’t say it sucks but try and meet some one else and don’t think about the other guy. Once you meet some one you like think back and see if you still want to be with that guy. 

Who are uou

I’m a 21 year old guy just trying to get a good job that I like and makes good money. College student about to be Grad student. With many interests.

He does but he's a player and a douchebag. Always comes back when the others leave. But he'll break up with one girl and come back to me. And I just can't say no

Well you need to look at why you can’t say no and determine if those reasons actually make sense. Really evaluate the situation. I’m going to assume that this is guy is in high school because if he is in college or older than you should leave him because he isn’t mature enough to stay with you. Also, sometimes not being able to say no is because he is your fall back, you don’t want to find anyone knew because he is going to come back.